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Meet us


To get to know our friendly Vets and the rest of the team

Ann Robinson BVM&S MRCVS

Director/ Veterinary Surgeon

Ann is an Edinburgh graduate, qualified as a Vet in 1992 and has been working in Worcestershire for over 20 years caring for animals of all species.

She shares her knowledge, experience and expertise in all she does and continues to provide an amazing work atmosphere at Henwick.

Ann has the ability to manage everything fantastically at 100mph, she is passionate about delivering a family friendly, approachable service to all and she is very much looked up to by the team.

In her spare time, she enjoys hand rearing the calves at home and watching her daughters compete at horse shows.

Jeremy Hall BVMS (Hons) MRCVS

Director/ Veterinary Surgeon

Jeremy is a Glasgow graduate and qualified as a Vet in 2008. Born in Worcester and raised in Bewdley, he's proud of staying local and helping Worcestershire pets and owners.

Jeremy is straight talking and committed at Henwick and works hard to ensure he gives the greatest care to the animals he treats.

He enjoys the challenge of not only improving the current scope of services offered at Henwick Vets, but very much enjoys being a ‘Handyman’ behind the scenes improving the technology of the practice!

In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys a lot of DIY, cycling and Geocaching with his daughter.

Kate Perkins BVMS MRCVS

Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

Kate is a Royal Veterinary College London graduate and qualified as a Vet in 2009. Kate has worked at Henwick Vets since 2015.

Kate is a valued member of the team who enjoys the variety of cases we see at Henwick and obtaining a diagnosis and treating those complicated cases.

At home, she enjoys helping on her family farm with her cows and in her spare time she can be found cooking and walking her dog in the countryside.

Sarah Jones BVSC MRCVS

Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

Sarah is a Bristol Graduate and qualified as a Vet in 2013. She has worked at Henwick Vets since 2016.

She is originally from Mid Wales where she is also from a sheep farming background and before working at Henwick enjoyed working in mixed Practice.

Sarah has fantastic Veterinary knowledge and enjoys reading up on new research and cases, she is a caring, dedicated Vet who does the best for the animals in every situation. 

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys cycling and running and being in the outdoors.

Dariusz Drozdz MRCVS

Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

Dariusz is an experienced, confident Veterinary surgeon who we were lucky enough to welcome to the team in 2018 as a permanent member of staff after he came to locum for us for a while. 

He has a particular interest in surgery and we have all learnt a lot from Dariusz and his ability to complete complex surgeries with ease.

Dariusz is a fabulous asset to Henwick Vets and we very much value his professional opinion. 

Felicity Smith-Maxwell BVMSci MRCVS

Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

Felicity is a Surrey graduate and qualified as a Vet in 2022. This is her first venture as a fully fledged Vet and we're very fortunate to welcome her to the team at Henwick, she started officially with us in August 2022 and has already made fantastic impressions.
A few of you might already recognised Felicity, as she saw EMS Practice with us throughout her University course and has also been a client of ours for many years. Felicity is a local lady and brings energy, cheer and a big smile to the team. She's excited to find her feet and begin her Veterinary career with Henwick and so far, she's absolutely smashing it.
In her spare time, Felicity enjoys riding her horses, spending time with friends and family around the country and helping out at home with their family business. 

Karen Wade BVSc MRCVS

Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

Karen is a Bristol Graduate and qualified as a Vet in 1984, but she doesn't know we know the year!  She started with us on a casual basis in 2016 and has been a steady pair of hands ever since. Karen is a hugely experienced Vet who I'm sure has assisted many of your animals over the years, we for one think she's great. She's recently started working more hours with us and we're very lucky to have Karen as part of our team. 
Karen is very local to the Practice and enjoys the walk into the surgery. 
Outside of work, she is often found out walking her hyperactive cocker spaniel, Betty and enjoys exploring the countryside in the local area as well as further afield. She has a keen interest in nature and bird watching especially at sea!

Jessica Martin Bsc (Hons) BVMSci MRCVC fCMgr

Jessica MartinAssistant Veterinary Surgeon

Jess is a Surrey graduate and qualified as a Vet in July 2023. She hit the ground running when she joined us a New Graduate at the end of July 2023 and we are super lucky to have her join the Henwick team. 
Jess brings enthusiasm, energy and genuine adoration for all animals to the team. She is a little whirlwind in Practice and has made a really positive start to her Veterinary career. She is looking forward to meeting you all in the near future and we're sure you'll think Jess is as great as we do. She has already developed a fantastic, positive and proactive approach to a variety of cases and we are very proud of her accomplishments so far in the Veterinary world.
Jess is in the process of moving house a little closer to the surgery, so currently spends most of her spare time renovating, decorating and purchasing new goodies for the house. Between that she enjoys spending time with her partner, Jack and their doggo, Trev with a little bit of mayhem everywhere she goes.

Anna Hall

Practice Manager

Anna has worked behind the scenes at Henwick since 2015 taking on the role of Practice Manager in 2017. She enjoys the challenges that the job brings and the fact that no two days are quite the same at Henwick. She is always learning new skills and enjoys putting them to good use in Practice.

Anna will often be found upstairs in the Office trying to find the bottom of her to do list; whilst ploughing through various letters, requests and applications and is always happy to help out where she can. 

In her spare time, Anna juggles being Mum to her young daughter, as well as playing Netball, swimming and exploring new places.

Kirsty Kane

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Kirsty qualified as an Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2019 from Abbeydale College and has been working at Henwick Vets since 2015.

Kirsty is a competent RVN who is always one step ahead of our Vets, knowing what is required next and ensuring all animals are cared for to the best of her ability. She is devoted to all species and breeds, however has a soft spot for Chocolate Labradors and Working Cocker Spaniels. Kirsty is calm and collected in emergency situations and is an important part of all the work that happens behind the scenes at the surgery.

In her spare time, she enjoys competing and caring for her horse as well as, for her mad Cocker Spaniel and her many chickens!

Beth Needham

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Beth qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2012 and from living down South in Hampshire, relocated to Worcester in 2019 and then joined us on a Maternity Contract shortly after. Since then, we have been lucky enough to keep Beth on as a permanent member of staff who is an asset to the team at Henwick Vets.

Beth has a lot of emergency care experience which is a fantastic skill to bring to the team and we feel very lucky to have her. She is an experienced RVN who strives under pressure. She is professional, competent and has complimented our current team well. 

Beth has a young family and enjoys spending time with them when not working, as well as visiting family back down South and taking long walks on the beach. 

Becky Reid-Seaton

Registered Veterinary Nurse

We were lucky enough to have Becky join our team in March 2023 and she is an absolute pleasure to work with, she brings so much experience, knowledge and new ideas to the Practice and we're really enjoying getting to know her. She has fit into the Henwick family so well already and we can't wait for you all to meet her. 

Becky became an RVN in March 2021 and has continued to develop her skillset since, she has always worked around animals and adores spending time in and out of work with them.

She had always lived locally and in her spare time, Becky enjoys to be out walking her mischievous dogs and exploring the countryside around us.
Becky's favourite thing about being an RVN is knowing she was part of improving patients' day to day life, seeing the improvements after they've received treatment from us and working with the team to offer a fabulous level of care. She is excited to start Nurse clinics at Henwick and is looking forward to learning the 'Henwick way' of doing things.

KT Ganderton

Registered Veterinary Nurse

KT started working with us in March 2017 at Henwick Vets as an extra pair of hands and has been an absolute star ever since. 

KT is a local girl from Worcestershire who is like many of our staff, from a sheep farming background and loves getting involved with lambing and the chaos it brings. She brings her 'hands on' attitude to work and is a useful pair of hands to have around for holding animals, helping with ops and general tasks around the Practice. She is a fantastic team player who we are lucky to have on the team.

KT graduated as a RVN in March 2023 having trained on the job with us and attended Abbeydale College, we are very proud of her finishing her course and feel chuffed that she is now on the RCVS register as a registered Vet Nurse!  At home, KT has 4 dogs, a horse and over 300 sheep to keep her busy but enjoys playing cricket when she gets a chance!

Linda De Jonge

Registered Veterinary Nurse

This is Linda and she joined our Henwick family in May 2023, we feel very fortunate to have Linda as part of our Nursing team and feel she can bring a lot to the team. 
Linda became an RVN in 2018 and has since shown a keen interest in emergency and critical care completing a certificate in this demonstrating her enthusiasm for the profession.  
Linda has already become a key member of the team and has shown her experience in many true emergencies already, she is keen to learn and is always looking for a way to improve the already exemplary care we deliver to all our patients. 
Linda is originally from the Netherlands and enjoys returning home to visit family when she can. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her partner, 2 dogs, Bonney and Sigrun and her cuddly cat, Mooncake. She lives locally in Worcester and regularly rides her motorbike to the surgery and enjoys exploring the local area on her bike always trying to discover new places out in the country.
Linda thoroughly enjoys interacting with patients and clients alike and running busy Nurse clinics is one of her favourite aspects of the profession. She has already made a great impression at the surgery and is already fully immersed into the Henwick way, we're super lucky to have her join the team and look forward to you all meeting her very soon.  

Ellie Symonds

Student Veterinary Nurse

Ellie is a local Worcestershire girl and joined the team at Henwick in 2018 covering a Maternity contract after doing some work experience with us and is now working on a permanent contract as we think she is great!

Ellie has quickly become a valuable asset to the team willing and able to help out in all areas of the Practice. She is keen to learn new skills as well enhance current ones. She has become a key member of the team in both Reception duties and Nursing duties and is always happy to help where she is most required.

Ellie has a big family and enjoys spending time with them when not working, she also enjoys getting involved in local lambing's and is a keen Netballer.

Lisa Doyle

Nursing Assistant/ Receptionist

Lisa joined Henwick Vets in March 2016 and we have never looked back. Lisa started with us as an evening Receptionist but quickly showed us all how fantastic she was and is now in most days helping with every aspect of the Practice. 

Lisa is wonderfully competent in many areas of the Practice and is always a pleasure to work with. She is always there to assist in the nick of time and happy to jump in wherever she is needed making her a indispensable member of the team. Lisa is often 'designated cute puppy holder' which is such a hardship for her, but someone has to do it!!

She is kept busy in her own time by her 3 dogs, Lottie and Bentley who are Border Collies and Winston who is a Spaniel. Lisa’s favourite breed is definitely a Border Collie and they are the best behaved dogs of the Practice. Lisa also enjoys going to the gym and family nights. 

Louise Gibson

Nursing Assistant/ Receptionist

Louise has worked with us at Henwick Vets since 2014 and has always been such a trooper. She started as an evening Receptionist and now works with us as a Nursing Assistant- there is no end to Louise's talents, she works incredibly hard to keep the ‘behind the scenes’ sparkling clean and is often found deep cleaning the walls and skirting boards.

Louise excels in teeth scaling and polishing and we are very lucky to have her as a key member of the team.

In her own time, Louise is kept busy by her young family and enjoys days out with them.

Clare Shepherd


Clare joined the Henwick team in February 2016 and is a happy, smiley face on the front desk at Henwick Vets.

Clare has always lived and worked in Worcestershire and in 2016 opted for a career change training as a Veterinary Receptionist with us, she enjoys her job and the favourite part of it is all the lovely clients and patients she gets to chat with. Clare is a reliable 'puppy cuddler' and regularly checks in on all the inpatients to check they're all ok, giving them fuss as she walks past. Clare is kind and helpful and will always go above and beyond to ensure any query is fulfilled.

Clare loves to spend her spare time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include: walking her working Spaniels, keeping fit and baking. 

Rose Fawkes


Rose originally worked at the old building from 2011 and after a 3 year break, she then returned to the new Practice in March 2015. Rose has lived in St. John’s most of her life and enjoys seeing familiar faces in clients and pets and enjoys a natter or two catching up on times gone past!

Rose is a key member of the Reception team and enjoys the social aspect as well as resolving complicated requests.

Rose lives a busy life with her grandchildren outside of work and in her rare spare time, she enjoys swimming, decorating and gardening along with her husband and her two dogs, Poppy and Tilly.

Jo Jeynes


Jo is fabulous, she joined the team in May 2017 and is a hugely popular member of Henwick Vets. Jo has lived and worked in Worcester most of her life and knows many of our clients through other paths which is always lovely for both parties. 

Jo's laughter is infectious and it's always a joy working alongside her, she is efficient, a chief multitasker and no task is ever too big for her to attempt. Jo works incredibly hard and will rise to any challenge set, she is real diamond.

Jo enjoys walking her dogs, keeping fit participating in many gym classes and charity events and loves escaping to her caravan for long weekends.

Alex Harris


Alex joined the team in May 2020 and has been an absolute pleasure to be around since.

Alex has lived and worked locally in Worcestershire most of her life, decided a career change was in order and applied to work with us at Henwick and we're so glad she did. Alex has taken it all in her stride and works incredibly hard, she has fit into the team amazingly and is already a key, well respected member of the Henwick team.

She is conscientious, dedicated to the job and we are very glad to have her working with us at Henwick. Alex is looking forward to meeting our clients in person when allowed to do so, but will continue to chat with you on the phone for the time being!

In her spare time, she enjoys hearing about her 3 sons' adventures and spending time out and about with her husband and dog, Nellie.

Dee Kemp

Saturday Receptionist

Dee can't quite remember when she started working with us at Henwick, but she's been around way before the new building and an important part of the transition between the two buildings. 

Dee works on a Saturday at Henwick and is efficient in all that she does, she has many connections with many clients and enjoys seeing clients bringing in their pets, new and old. 

In her spare time, Dee enjoys looking after her menagerie of animals including; Hereford cows, a few sheep, horses and a German Shepherd. 

Lisa Stanley


We were pleased to see Lisa join us at the end of 2020 and she has taken to it like a duck to water. Lisa has fit in with the team fantastically and we're looking forward to getting to know her as time goes on, but so far, have been impressed by her baking expertise- including some doggy treats, which Jeremy mistakenly sampled!!

Lisa is looking forward to learning more about the Henwick way and can't believe the changes as she worked on the same site when she was a teenager!

Lisa is a local lady, she was born in Worcester, lived in Sweden for a while but returned to her roots and has been in Worcester ever since. She is a proud Mum to 3 grown up children and leads a busy life with 7 chickens, Dog- Padma and new puppy- Wilfie at home. We are chuffed to have Lisa as part of the team here and look forward to you all meeting her soon.

Sarah Tidmarsh

Sarah joined our busy, reception team in January 2024 and she's been a fantastic addition to our Henwick family - helping where needed most, covering at short notice and generally being the best she can be.
She's taken to being a Veterinary Receptionist so well, she's fit right in and already, she's made huge leaps with getting her head round our hectic front of house role. Sarah is a local girl and has been brought up and schooled in the heart of Worcester, all her family are local and I'm sure many of you will recognise her from outside of work. Sarah loves living in Worcester and is excited to learn more about the Veterinary world, she is a steady pair of hands already and we feel very lucky to have found her. Sarah is a Mum of 2 teenagers who keep her on her toes and is super close with her parents (literally) living just a few doors down from them, Sarah is always on the go busy with playing taxi to her kids, out walking her Jack Russel and her surprise, 'Heinz 57' dog too and is a breath of fresh air to have on the team. We're looking forward to you meeting her soon!

Hannah Cooksey

Hannah CookseyReceptionist

Hannah joined the team in March 2021 after a very 'new concept' of online interviews due to Covid restrictions, but still managed to impress the socks off us, even virtually. Hannah instantly took to the role and has been an absolute star throughout her time with us, always willing to learn and improve. 
Hannah is a local Worcester girl and as well as living in the area, went to school nearby too. She enjoys developing new skills, being part of the Henwick team and we love how she makes us laugh each day.  Hannah has become a key member of our team and we're really glad she's joined us. 
In her time away from work, she often helps in her parents' shop, looks after her siblings and enjoys a good night out with friends. 
Hannah is most looking forward to seeing peoples entire faces without masks as since she's worked with us, we've all worn them throughout. She looks forward to meeting you all soon on Reception.

Catherine Martin

We were lucky enough to introduce Catherine to the team in December 2022 as a pair of hands we can call on when we get overrun, have sickness in the team or holiday to cover and we're very grateful for Catherine's flexibility when it comes to helping out.
Catherine is a local girl and has lived in the area for around 25 years now. She lives in Worcester, kept busy by her 3 teenage children playing taxi as well as social secretary to keep all their commitments on track.
Catherine has enjoyed learning all about the 'Henwick way' of doing things and loves the unpredictability of it all at the surgery. 
In her spare time, she is a keen paddleboarder, she enjoys being in the outdoors walking and is heavily involved in the coaching of water polo in the area.
Catherine has taken to the role at Henwick like 'a duck to water' and we're all really enjoying working alongside her, she's looking forward to meeting you all in the near future.

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